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Eating an apple on Abbot Ridge and enjoying the view70swreaderEating an apple on Abbot Ridge and enjoying the viewStirling Castle & Wallace Monument, Scotland189MyFavoriteThingsStirling Castle & Wallace Monument, ScotlandP1110034108P1110034Sir Nigel Gresley with the White Rose Special140IRSpuzzlesSir Nigel Gresley with the White Rose SpecialSir John Bennett Building80annie123Sir John Bennett BuildingClock Works63annie123Clock WorksSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema welcome footsteps 1883300ddubzSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema welcome footsteps 1883ARTIST . SIR CHILD300kodadacARTIST . SIR CHILDDavid Attenborough and Atlas Moth195BlueDjinnDavid Attenborough and Atlas MothDrinking Like A Sir50MauricioExigaDrinking Like A SirJigsawPuzzle-Raffles-landing-site-sin48JigsawPuzzle-Raffles-landing-site-sinAPH-Der Erste Stern299APH-Der Erste SternFluffy35cbirmingFluffySimon Sez90Cinzia1Simon SezIMG_276935IMG_2769Zhang He as Sir Tristan120thx01138Zhang He as Sir TristanXiahou Dun as Lancelot120thx01138Xiahou Dun as LancelotA DISTINGUISHED MEMBER OF THE HUMANE SOCIETY300MarymelodeeA DISTINGUISHED MEMBER OF THE HUMANE SOCIETYSir Winston Churchill Quote20KaboomerSir Winston Churchill QuoteSir Terry Pratchett 1948-201596PoophSir Terry Pratchett 1948-2015Sir Edward the dragon slayer copy16Sir Edward the dragon slayer copyBrian Froud Sir Didymus150JimbobovalsocksBrian Froud Sir DidymusSir George Clausen -- Winter Work300vanagtmaalSir George Clausen -- Winter WorkSir George Claussen - Day dream300vanagtmaalSir George Claussen - Day dream