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Lap Dog90RedDirtinMySoulLap Dog#Nike is Forever Attentive- Just Not to the Camera...35Kaboomer#Nike is Forever Attentive- Just Not to the Camera...#Nike Loves to Roll in the Grass24Kaboomer#Nike Loves to Roll in the Grass#Nike Loves to Play Fetch12Kaboomer#Nike Loves to Play Fetch#My Beautiful Nike6Kaboomer#My Beautiful NikeGerman Shepherd running28Vivien2012German Shepherd runningGerman Shepherd Puppy32Vivien2012German Shepherd PuppyGerman shepherd puppy on log35Vivien2012German shepherd puppy on logGerman Shepherd and kitty24Vivien2012German Shepherd and kittyGerman shepherd and flowers28Vivien2012German shepherd and flowersJack and toy48Vivien2012Jack and toyNew Shepard Launch June 19 2016 1 0 098New Shepard Launch June 19 2016 1 0 0Blue Merle Australian Shepherd30BlindTigerBlue Merle Australian ShepherdSadie300alexislucilleSadiePuppies!!!112HPandLions777Puppies!!!Hey, I'll grow to these ears!36BlindTigerHey, I'll grow to these ears!SANDY 027252SANDY 027German Shepherd20Cookie303German ShepherdShepherd attention144Cat120Shepherd attentionSamuel221SamuelThe shepherd32smjmThe shepherdFriends at Nap Time91BoidyFriends at Nap TimeShepherd and Owl91BoidyShepherd and OwlGerman shepherd puppy with kitten40bubusGerman shepherd puppy with kitten