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Antarctique,  abri de survie35catlocAntarctique, abri de survieIn Karkonosze, Poland35mika7In Karkonosze, PolandSHELTER FROM THE STORM91TrishaLeeSHELTER FROM THE STORMFall harvest160diana473Fall harvestJaw-Dropping-View-Schafberg-Mountain-Austria54gelsominaJaw-Dropping-View-Schafberg-Mountain-AustriaEckville Shelter - Hostel35AmyJoyEckville Shelter - HostelMile 1072 Tumbling Run Shelters12AmyJoyMile 1072 Tumbling Run SheltersMile 1028 Rocky Run Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1028 Rocky Run ShelterRifugio Garibaldi passo dello Stelvio m 284588gelsominaRifugio Garibaldi passo dello Stelvio m 2845Mile 0002 Stover Creek Shelter48AmyJoyMile 0002 Stover Creek ShelterFrog Shelter...100MyTommyBoyFrog Shelter...Let Me Be Your Shelter170CatherinedeSilverLet Me Be Your ShelterShelter Cove180saranohShelter CoveLove at first sight63richislivingLove at first sightFern40FernZálezlice, Kozárovice, bus shelter, CZ96puzlartZálezlice, Kozárovice, bus shelter, CZIMG_32356IMG_3235The Lively Bunch by Laurie Cinotto300The Lively Bunch by Laurie CinottoMile 1084 Quarry Gap Shelters35AmyJoyMile 1084 Quarry Gap SheltersMile 0008 Hawk Mountain Shelter54AmyJoyMile 0008 Hawk Mountain ShelterGazebo 01180EmbeeGazebo 01Mt. Chocorua and Jim Liberty Shelter150Mt. Chocorua and Jim Liberty Shelterwintering IMG_132340girondinewintering IMG_132320140729_1244113220140729_124411