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12065517_945224642201680_3870067116899180688_n48Siszej12065517_945224642201680_3870067116899180688_nKnight in shining armor108lindak748Knight in shining armorTemple60carmenrTempleSunday's Alarm~ Russell Sambrook80BronwynSunday's Alarm~ Russell Sambrook680092260rsnow680092Fishing Boats260TBlackstone4Fishing BoatsMorningside park Nov 7.14108eiguocMorningside park Nov 7.14Winter In Romania120OldJimWinter In RomaniaGlacier Lake, Montana42DonzoGlacier Lake, MontanaPower by Andy Russell...70715ajan3Power by Andy Russell...Autumn Art by John Sloane...99715ajan3Autumn Art by John Sloane...Vintage Art by John Sloane...99715ajan3Vintage Art by John Sloane...Fanch Ledan @, Pinterest...49715ajan3Fanch Ledan @, Pinterest...Stepping Stone Creek by Andy Russell...108715ajan3Stepping Stone Creek by Andy Russell...Salon Max Arman by Fanch Ledan, Max Arman by Fanch Ledan,'s Flying Service by John Zed King...90715ajan3Bubba's Flying Service by John Zed King...Harvest Time Painting150oldporscheracerHarvest Time PaintingNew Digs by Fred Calleri for jrby...48715ajan3New Digs by Fred Calleri for jrby...Rainbow at Iguazu Falls in Argentina117OldJimRainbow at Iguazu Falls in ArgentinaSnowy Scene With Bridge Over Water120gamtnwxSnowy Scene With Bridge Over Water^ Jan Siberechts ~ 1696 View of House and Estate Belsize, Middle35300zx^ Jan Siberechts ~ 1696 View of House and Estate Belsize, MiddleFrom Old Russell Road40cropartFrom Old Russell RoadEarly morning light 342cropartEarly morning light 3Lk75460Lk754