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Church of The Savior of Spilled Blood169villachampChurch of The Savior of Spilled BloodLight of the world300sherrie11Light of the worldNATIVITY, THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS15zipnonNATIVITY, THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMASKevinpeterson Savior35pizzapopKevinpeterson SaviorEmma Swan108kimbarry1Emma SwanJennifer Morrison 7108kimbarry1Jennifer Morrison 7Jennifer Morrison 5108kimbarry1Jennifer Morrison 5Jennifer Morrison 4108kimbarry1Jennifer Morrison 4Jennifer Morrison 2108kimbarry1Jennifer Morrison 2Jennifer Morrison 1108kimbarry1Jennifer Morrison 1Lana and Jennifer 5108kimbarry1Lana and Jennifer 5Lana Parrilla 13108kimbarry1Lana Parrilla 13Christ the King48miterChrist the KingJesus in the wilderness130GodsGirl7Jesus in the wildernessChurch of the Savior St. Petersburg Russia99gamtnwxChurch of the Savior St. Petersburg RussiaJesus Boat140Jesus BoatJesus crucifixion143Jesus crucifixionMore Jesus143tenaoceanMore JesusUnification143grkphenomUnification~ I feel my Savior's love...120MyTommyBoy~ I feel my Savior's love...Prince of Peace by Akiane99VindivinPrince of Peace by AkianeJesus with child99VindivinJesus with childJesus at the door99VindivinJesus at the doorJesus and Peter by Thomas Kinkade96VindivinJesus and Peter by Thomas Kinkade