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Wonder Lake, Altai Republic, Russia72spicedjellybeansWonder Lake, Altai Republic, RussiaRussia - Pochozersky Church, Arkhangelsk70spicedjellybeansRussia - Pochozersky Church, ArkhangelskRussia - Church in Abandoned Village70spicedjellybeansRussia - Church in Abandoned VillageMonuments Russia Moscow35dankenstyneMonuments Russia MoscowMoscow Cannon Temples Russia Tsar36dankenstyneMoscow Cannon Temples Russia TsarDormition Cathedral, Vladimir, Russia.35VovkaDormition Cathedral, Vladimir, Russia.Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir, Russia35VovkaDormition Cathedral, Vladimir, RussiaCity of St Peteresburg Russia221kyflash225City of St Peteresburg RussiaSaint Nicholas Chapel in Winter, Tikhvin, Russia63spicedjellybeansSaint Nicholas Chapel in Winter, Tikhvin, RussiaUst-Medveditskiy Spaso-Preobrajenskiy Monastery, Volgog99spicedjellybeansUst-Medveditskiy Spaso-Preobrajenskiy Monastery, VolgogIce on Lake Baikal150tnbsktsIce on Lake BaikalHouse, Russia300MissMoodyHouse, RussiaPlitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia25StacheoPlitvice Lakes National Park, CroatiaRussia - Chesme Church in St. Petersburg80spicedjellybeansRussia - Chesme Church in St. PetersburgRussian Church, Yelets96spicedjellybeansRussian Church, YeletsRussia - Cathedral, Khabarovsk, Siberia80spicedjellybeansRussia - Cathedral, Khabarovsk, SiberiaRussian Church 277spicedjellybeansRussian Church 2Russia - Kazansky, Church, Irkustk100spicedjellybeansRussia - Kazansky, Church, IrkustkRussia - Church of Archangel Michael, Moscow84spicedjellybeansRussia - Church of Archangel Michael, MoscowRussia - The Christmas (Stroganov) Church, Nizhny Novgorod77spicedjellybeansRussia - The Christmas (Stroganov) Church, Nizhny NovgorodRussia - Smolny Cathedral, St Petersburg60spicedjellybeansRussia - Smolny Cathedral, St PetersburgRussia - Uspensky Cathedral, Smolensk60spicedjellybeansRussia - Uspensky Cathedral, SmolenskRussia - Svyato Mihailovsky Cathedral, Izhevsk90spicedjellybeansRussia - Svyato Mihailovsky Cathedral, IzhevskRussia - The Assumption Church of Nizhny Novgorod60spicedjellybeansRussia - The Assumption Church of Nizhny Novgorod