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Heavenly place for morning coffee96alseaHeavenly place for morning coffeeIn it's day88alseaIn it's daywater mill, Túristvándi, Hungary88szkata5water mill, Túristvándi, HungaryRough outside, good food inside80alseaRough outside, good food insideMount Adams88alseaMount AdamsFantasticalRural3001Macchiano2ChaiFantasticalRural3D country setting300sahoni653D country settingamazing cottage15ardenaamazing cottageKostrzewski Fr - Odpust na wsi209SP3ZKostrzewski Fr - Odpust na wsiKasur Sunset77ImbellaKasur SunsetCross the bridge to the church80alseaCross the bridge to the churchRural House70Rural HouseLog house by the stream90alseaLog house by the streamhome70TrishaLeehomeChapel in the fields, Auvergne108bardunChapel in the fields, AuvergneRural America280pmarieRural AmericaFarm & cart300sahoni65Farm & cartThe garden is in88alseaThe garden is inFarm in the Valley35mysteryfanFarm in the Valley+ Country Living84Victory3103+ Country LivingSUNSET70TrishaLeeSUNSETRural Irish cottage from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle9996auricle99Rural Irish cottage from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99school time70TrishaLeeschool timePoppies in North Yorkshire150SuzellenPoppies in North Yorkshire