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Sunrise at Thunder Hole  Acadia National Park ME70swreaderSunrise at Thunder Hole Acadia National Park MECopper at Groton Long Point50Karen1219Copper at Groton Long PointCopper sitting on floor45Karen1219Copper sitting on floorboat300cacuboatbeach300cacubeachWith china's bone28Karen1219With china's boneLooking out the window32Karen1219Looking out the windowCopper profile shot42Karen1219Copper profile shotNew puppy Copper35Karen1219New puppy CopperSmiling Copper54Karen1219Smiling Copperprimative landscape299tkirkhamprimative landscapePhoto000470lady2882Photo0004Rocky Plow Horse180Rocky Plow Horse537448_538452556205476_174358018_n35537448_538452556205476_174358018_nRocky Giraffe180Rocky GiraffeRocky Creatures300Rocky CreaturesDSCN165199sibeerDSCN1651IMG_0380108sibeerIMG_0380Rocky Tub80Rocky TubRocky Mtn Natl Park 296jjmauro63Rocky Mtn Natl Park 2Rocky Mtn Natl Park96jjmauro63Rocky Mtn Natl ParkThe Coast at Buren National Park54swreaderThe Coast at Buren National ParkAspen grove in full Fall Color near Sandbeach Lake63swreaderAspen grove in full Fall Color near Sandbeach LakeSunrise lights up aspens fall colors63swreaderSunrise lights up aspens fall colors