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Trains - From Rockstar Games91Magpie627Trains - From Rockstar GamesPost-13888-0-79447600-1393669513300Post-13888-0-79447600-1393669513POTW rockstar chicken289Aries588POTW rockstar chickenMichael & Franklin Preparation198thx01138Michael & Franklin PreparationFranklin and Chop220thx01138Franklin and ChopLCPD96thx01138LCPDNiko Bellic90thx01138Niko BellicRockstar Katic48Rockstar KaticHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi49SP365Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumiRockstar35RockstarJohnny at Glastonbury130ClaireDMJohnny at GlastonburyGrand Theft Auto IV98treves34Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto Vice City91treves34Grand Theft Auto Vice CityGrand Theft Auto San Andreas90treves34Grand Theft Auto San AndreasRockstar Logo91treves34Rockstar LogoDoodle Rockstar77treves34Doodle RockstarDoodle 2560x160077Doodle 2560x1600JW rock29JW rock2Rockstar Eevee198Rockstar EeveeQueen X 260nicegirlQueen X 2Gears120GearsRed Dead Redemption 2 - Teaser Poster152Jollytime71Red Dead Redemption 2 - Teaser PosterRed Dead Redemption - John Marston150Jollytime71Red Dead Redemption - John MarstonRocksztárt kaptam karácsonyra130lolkonyvekRocksztárt kaptam karácsonyra