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Lucky Louie16TigerjagLucky LouieBringing in the Paper20Cookie303Bringing in the PaperLulu in the Mountains80schiaccianociLulu in the MountainsUnderwater Golden Retriever80Underwater Golden RetrieverSunrise View Lab300tamolaSunrise View LabUntitled image (2)28Untitled image (2)881978-R1-25-2535AuroraA881978-R1-25-25Just being pretty24KarindJust being prettyThe BEST b'day gift EVER!81Kat512The BEST b'day gift EVER!^ Golden Retriever20300zx^ Golden RetrieverNow?35TigerjagNow?Happy Retrievers Sitting on the Dock81GoldGalHappy Retrievers Sitting on the DockShastawatching80ShastawatchingBubble time Golden35Cherieann1955Bubble time GoldenDogs - and hot dogs63Magpie627Dogs - and hot dogsMolly35TigerjagMollyBrindle Lab198tamolaBrindle LabBirthday dog88harmonyshirkBirthday dogMy carrot300splitty00My carrot"Relaxing in the sunshine"16puzzlesr4fun"Relaxing in the sunshine"Sad Eyes300splitty00Sad EyesRetriever puppies24mika7Retriever puppiesPup in the Pool300splitty00Pup in the PoolWalking The Pups300splitty00Walking The Pups