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Railway track90pinkfluffyslippersRailway trackPaignton and Dartmouth steam railway18patijewlPaignton and Dartmouth steam railwayCanadian old train12ardenaCanadian old trainold train in Romania12ardenaold train in Romaniaold train in Romania8ardenaold train in RomaniaWelsh Highland Railways300AngharadWelsh Highland Railwaystrain in winter12ardenatrain in winterThe 45407288EmbeeThe 45407Konkan Railway, India35doxiemom22Konkan Railway, India01005 4-6-296tylerjohnjigsaw01005 4-6-2Old Transfer table and Tip Top144Old Transfer table and Tip Top46233 at Stamford228bfcmik46233 at StamfordGas or diesel steamer gear driven140Gas or diesel steamer gear drivenAeriel view of Cog steamer130Aeriel view of Cog steamerAlaska railroad Aurora Winter Train15ardenaAlaska railroad Aurora Winter Traintrain in Canada12ardenatrain in CanadaCorfe Castle Station298onlywayispaisleyCorfe Castle Station2View of the Buddha statue from a railway station in Kakamigahara28StacheoView of the Buddha statue from a railway station in Kakamigaharatrain-Switzerland15ardenatrain-SwitzerlandThe Dream Factory150EldamarThe Dream Factory70013 BR 4-6-299tylerjohnjigsaw70013 BR 4-6-24003 Lode Star 4-6-099tylerjohnjigsaw4003 Lode Star 4-6-0train in Switzerland12ardenatrain in SwitzerlandLusaka Railway Station99EcclesiastesLusaka Railway Station