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Wabash and Erie Canal228tamolaWabash and Erie CanalBoat ride abandoned German amusement park45Vivien2012Boat ride abandoned German amusement parkAbandoned ride German amusement park50Vivien2012Abandoned ride German amusement parkCarnivalride120jayniebbCarnivalrideBumper Cars 1950's.45Ellen72948Bumper Cars 1950's.Carnival teacup ride45leoleobobeoCarnival teacup rideRide At The Summer Fair63ladymonardaRide At The Summer FairWhiskey River Railway locomotives60Florie1956Whiskey River Railway locomotives52364dafd757278c38273dd32fefc49d48njkohler52364dafd757278c38273dd32fefc49dlilac flower35ninussalilac flowerKumba Roller Coaster108llewallen53Kumba Roller CoasterThe Ride of Life is All About Balance96CrescentMoonglowThe Ride of Life is All About Balance^ Sleigh Ride ~ Mary Charles25300zx^ Sleigh Ride ~ Mary CharlesSled ride63shaperSled rideColorful carousel horses60leoleobobeoColorful carousel horsesFall horseback ride300OceannaFall horseback rideAmusement Park Ride300OceannaAmusement Park RideTea Cup Ride Abandoned35BlindTigerTea Cup Ride AbandonedWill She Ride In That Dress?35TigerjagWill She Ride In That Dress?SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge at Nickelodeon Universe12SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge at Nickelodeon UniverseSunday ride.4jillnjoSunday ride.Perfect Day150rwmainPerfect DayGoing for a Ride108Charlie1934Going for a RideDainty Fares20Cookie303Dainty Fares