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Una gran amistad77VIXENUna gran amistadLos mejores amigos40VIXENLos mejores amigosMy carrot300splitty00My carrotHernando96PhotoGuy1962HernandoFluffy Pupper35Fluffy PupperPuppy49jayniebbPuppygoldendoodle puppies300splitty00goldendoodle puppiesIMG_090799IMG_0907Puppy Love @ Love @ Shih Tzu furbaby90VindivinMy Shih Tzu furbabyhello16CiupercutahelloPuppy6jillnjoPuppycute puppy20sadladycute puppyGreat Beginnings by Jim Killen99lisa1261Great Beginnings by Jim Killen^ Griffon Bruxellois dogs dressed as Star Wars Ewoks24300zx^ Griffon Bruxellois dogs dressed as Star Wars EwoksA Day in the Marsh by Jim Killen96lisa1261A Day in the Marsh by Jim KillenProud-Legacy by Jim Killen99lisa1261Proud-Legacy by Jim KillenDarling Dachshund25trulyDarling DachshundHusker and his baby30TigerjagHusker and his babyfor kiziey2004 Retrievers Relaxing12dankenstynefor kiziey2004 Retrievers RelaxingCute-puppies-in-flower-basket35njfreemanCute-puppies-in-flower-basketAmigurumi Bunny Puppy Teddy252porcelainAmigurumi Bunny Puppy TeddyBisous entre chiots retrievers30Vinca0Bisous entre chiots retrieversfor kiziey2004 Where Are My Cookies?35dankenstynefor kiziey2004 Where Are My Cookies?