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German shepard300slouisewGerman shepardLion pup6gemini1977Lion pupHusky Dog289slouisewHusky DogWolf pup210SpookymommaWolf pupOtter-pups06108Otter-pups06I'M SO HAPPY!6zipnonI'M SO HAPPY!SWEET DREAMS6zipnonSWEET DREAMSGalápagos sea lion mother and pup on Floreana Island, Ecuador120TinaH65Galápagos sea lion mother and pup on Floreana Island, EcuadorBaby Seal35gemini1977Baby Seal10273442_10152823498638294_8678948450760263391_n289fauxfisher210273442_10152823498638294_8678948450760263391_n11817129_444504372388467_7409010875814737985_n300fauxfisher211817129_444504372388467_7409010875814737985_nChow Snow36sb1981Chow SnowPomsky Pup Animal56sb1981Pomsky Pup AnimalTHIS IS MY YOU WILL FORGIVE ME FOR ANYTHING LOOK6zipnonTHIS IS MY YOU WILL FORGIVE ME FOR ANYTHING LOOKOtter pup eating fish77sandrac103Otter pup eating fishI SEE YOU8zipnonI SEE YOUIMG_20140624_152939_80190mom2girlsIMG_20140624_152939_801SWEET FACE25zipnonSWEET FACEREGAL BLUE-EYED DALMATIAN20zipnonREGAL BLUE-EYED DALMATIANFox and youngster99TinaH65Fox and youngsterMother Wolf and Pup96TinaH65Mother Wolf and PupWhere's Pup 1120OssieWhere's Pup 1Pup at the Big Horn 3-9-2014117OssiePup at the Big Horn 3-9-2014husky 6 months old48nashobahusky 6 months old