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Norris30TigerjagNorrisGolden Kisses20TigerjagGolden KissesFabulous Red Dress35TigerjagFabulous Red DressLet's talk about the Elephant in the Room25TigerjagLet's talk about the Elephant in the RoomJones Is Tired30BlindTigerJones Is TiredACute Lil' Female Pup,all gussied up with a pretty coloured bow.54FreddijACute Lil' Female Pup,all gussied up with a pretty coloured bow.Lab with a Cranberry Wreath30TigerjagLab with a Cranberry WreathWreathed Up Corgi16TigerjagWreathed Up CorgiGolden in the Bluebonnets24TigerjagGolden in the BluebonnetsWindblown Irish Setter35TigerjagWindblown Irish SetterWhere are the big dogs?30TigerjagWhere are the big dogs?What Is This Flower Thing?16TigerjagWhat Is This Flower Thing?We Need To Talk24TigerjagWe Need To TalkMy Ears Are So Warm20TigerjagMy Ears Are So WarmBeach Dog30BlindTigerBeach DogLinda Picken 'Beagle and Mitt'150rwmainLinda Picken 'Beagle and Mitt'Cotton Candy Pomeranian30TigerjagCotton Candy PomeranianNo Closer!25TigerjagNo Closer!Salsa on Pace's bed30TigerjagSalsa on Pace's bedPicante is tired. Been swimming.30TigerjagPicante is tired. Been swimming.FEATURED BORDEAUX DOG15zipnonFEATURED BORDEAUX DOGBest Pals120EveTerrBest PalsDog selfie32SquimyDog selfieGolden Valentine16BlindTigerGolden Valentine