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My babies.20smjmMy babies.O CANADA -  July 1 - proud to be Canadian36puzzlesr4funO CANADA - July 1 - proud to be CanadianAlan300CorInCorkAlanHomecoming300amonanHomecoming12512491_1704359643145918_6104504164488794447_n (1)49shirleygertz12512491_1704359643145918_6104504164488794447_n (1)Elephants35PinkFuschia1ElephantsTrina112sloduckTrinaRowan the river otter40sweetcherryxRowan the river otterProud cockerel140pinkfluffyslippersProud cockerelLook at the pride he carries himself with..99BobbiePLook at the pride he carries himself with..Arabian horse 277BobbiePArabian horse 2Bears 248CalvadosianBears 2Bears40CalvadosianBearsProud Tree Swallow90DanMoriartyProud Tree SwallowO'er The Land of the Free35janea35O'er The Land of the FreeProud as a Peacock108CarolannmoProud as a PeacockProudly They Wave30janea35Proudly They WaveProud Papa15yassamanProud PapaFamily Photograph70swreaderFamily Photograph10329120_10152280219068780_9057714210830286993_n120smbotos10329120_10152280219068780_9057714210830286993_nProud Cub...100MyDustyGirlProud Cub...Proud to be an American...70MyDustyGirlProud to be an American...jack300jackProud to be british flag Jun 12300pellProud to be british flag Jun 12