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An Owl in full flight,zeroing in on prey most likely....80FreddijAn Owl in full flight,zeroing in on prey most likely....Banded Fisher35djeanBanded FisherAnother New Zealand Tar24EmbeeAnother New Zealand TarSable Antelope in Bush252EmbeeSable Antelope in BushRed Deer Stag in Rut200EmbeeRed Deer Stag in RutZebra Closeup286EmbeeZebra CloseupBull Moose in Autumn Splendor150EmbeeBull Moose in Autumn SplendorMusk Ox in Fall154EmbeeMusk Ox in FallHawk117SephiraHawkWater Buffalo A01 copy260EmbeeWater Buffalo A01 copySolitary Bison Bull286EmbeeSolitary Bison BullTurkey Vulture24TigerjagTurkey VultureHippo Pool289EmbeeHippo PoolBlack Antelope of Africa196EmbeeBlack Antelope of AfricaFocused Zebra42EmbeeFocused ZebraBored Giraffe copy24EmbeeBored Giraffe copyKudu Bust154EmbeeKudu BustA good day fishing35TigerjagA good day fishingGhost Elephant300EmbeeGhost ElephantFawn 0335EmbeeFawn 03Giraffe300EmbeeGiraffeFEATURED BIRD PROFILE15zipnonFEATURED BIRD PROFILESo many choices!96marymeowSo many choices!Barn Owl artwork by: Rockin' Horse Art36aprylBarn Owl artwork by: Rockin' Horse Art