19 puzzles tagged portuguese

5th-Grade-Z-810x4211125th-Grade-Z-810x421Dad, Daughters, Dog35TigerjagDad, Daughters, DogPortuguese Azores Island and Volcano99gamtnwxPortuguese Azores Island and VolcanoVélo aux couleurs portugaises35heringVélo aux couleurs portugaisesLisbon299locademocasinesLisbonFirst Pups of the Obamas130ccarpenterFirst Pups of the ObamasThe Portuguese by Georges Braque35The Portuguese by Georges BraquePortuguese library in rio60Vivien2012Portuguese library in rioClouds of Witness - Dorothy L Sayers book cover35SpencerKayClouds of Witness - Dorothy L Sayers book coverSalvador Sobral - ‘Amar pelos dois’32mika7Salvador Sobral - ‘Amar pelos dois’Portuguese AF Fiat 6-91R/3 -Tiger Meet Scheme....48FreddijPortuguese AF Fiat 6-91R/3 -Tiger Meet Scheme....Oc simple portuguese language flag by vexilologia-d9yinea300johnwscOc simple portuguese language flag by vexilologia-d9yineaAntónio de Holanda, Rainha de Castela, 1530–153435puzlartAntónio de Holanda, Rainha de Castela, 1530–1534Fernando Pessoa, quote35puzlartFernando Pessoa, quotePortuguese Bull-drivers204Portuguese Bull-drivers^ Portuguese galleon ship48300zx^ Portuguese galleon shipPortuguese podengo dog144carlalalaPortuguese podengo dog512px-Portuguese shield.svg300johnsc12512px-Portuguese shield.svgFlag_of_Portugal_svg294johnsc12Flag_of_Portugal_svg