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Playa-tropical48edupavPlaya-tropical15492233_1030153110440697_683993674790103319_n80Ciupercuta15492233_1030153110440697_683993674790103319_nIt's My ball,want to play ??....54FreddijIt's My ball,want to play ??....Let it Snow~ Bonnie White88BronwynLet it Snow~ Bonnie WhiteFamily photo by David Nagy CC BY-SA 2.012FadeFamily photo by David Nagy CC BY-SA 2.0Hand puppets12patijewlHand puppetsMine!90moonpie2005Mine!Lionel Monkey35WhitebeardLionel MonkeyWalkway greeters80alseaWalkway greetersBeginning to look a lot like Christmas88alseaBeginning to look a lot like ChristmasCanoeist90dartaboutCanoeistPlaya288clarinetePlaya^ Snow day fun24300zx^ Snow day funJUGANDO EN LA NIEVE - Playing in the snow108DOLOZALJUGANDO EN LA NIEVE - Playing in the snowFrozen Fun~ MaryThompson99BronwynFrozen Fun~ MaryThompsonsquirrel in snow8ardenasquirrel in snowWinter Sports~ Elissa Della-Piana99BronwynWinter Sports~ Elissa Della-PianaOh, my!6jillnjoOh, my!Royal court puppets24patijewlRoyal court puppetsWater Balloons24bodhi4meWater BalloonsWinter memories96alseaWinter memoriesMuppet Hand Puppets18patijewlMuppet Hand PuppetsHorse and Dog Play20bodhi4meHorse and Dog PlayFinger puppets12patijewlFinger puppets