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Foster | Best Friends
Foster Friends for Life
Van Gogh | Landscape from Saint-Rémy
Van Gogh | Vineyards with a View of Auvers
Magritte | Le Blanc Seing
Van Gogh | Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun
Van Gogh | Pollard Willows
Phather Bear
Van Gogh | Landscape at Twilight
Van Gogh | The Irises
Van Gogh | Starry Night Over the Rhone
Cypress by the Sea
Delacroix | Liberty Leading the People
Gauguin | Rocks and Sea
SC Light
Moonlight Tide
Van Gogh | Slaapkamer
Nolde | Colored Sky above the Marais
Cezanne | Still Life with Apples and Oranges
Seurat | Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte
Braque | Man with a Guitar
Du Champ | Nude Descending a Staircase
Bruegel | Icarus