19 puzzles tagged peasant

Agave to make tequila35catlocAgave to make tequilaold plow15ardenaold plowChilde Hassam - French Peasant Girl300vanagtmaalChilde Hassam - French Peasant Girlwindow90seemonawindowAladdin and Jasmine Pink300RedheadWingsAladdin and Jasmine PinkDisney_princesses_peasants_by_sweet_amy_leah-d2xh6p1200Disney_princesses_peasants_by_sweet_amy_leah-d2xh6p1Jinshan peasant clothes sewing100lcrclJinshan peasant clothes sewingJean-François Millet - Peasant with a Wheelbarrow110glaserdjJean-François Millet - Peasant with a WheelbarrowGierymski Aleksander - Trumna chłopska (Coffin peasant)120SP3ZGierymski Aleksander - Trumna chłopska (Coffin peasant)7 dwarfs12ardena7 dwarfsPeasant Woman with Buckets and a Child. Kazimir Malevich289SmilerainmanPeasant Woman with Buckets and a Child. Kazimir MalevichKees Van Dongen, The Fellahs along the Nile, 191355puzlartKees Van Dongen, The Fellahs along the Nile, 1913Louis Le Nain, La Charette, 1641300ByzantineLouis Le Nain, La Charette, 1641Peasant family from Kahlenberg - Adolf Wisser35GioconnoConnoPeasant family from Kahlenberg - Adolf WisserClouds and a Cow12jeanie45Clouds and a CowPieter Bruegel the Elder - Peasant Wedding140SsancettaPieter Bruegel the Elder - Peasant WeddingPieter Bruegel the Elder - Peasant Wedding88robrPieter Bruegel the Elder - Peasant Wedding* flower harvest80pinkylee* flower harvestAladdin289RedheadWingsAladdin