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Valley Forge, Pennsylvania198moxieValley Forge, PennsylvaniaTexas Longhorns70westtexasgalTexas LonghornsTable Stable-Full Size Horses70westtexasgalTable Stable-Full Size HorsesGreen pasture-wallpaper-1600x1200108Green pasture-wallpaper-1600x1200bucolic landscape15ardenabucolic landscapeCLYDESDALES MOM AND COLT24zipnonCLYDESDALES MOM AND COLT^ Horses28300zx^ HorsesLudlow fields, Shropshire (by Moxie)120moxieLudlow fields, Shropshire (by Moxie)#How Now Brown Cow?35Kaboomer#How Now Brown Cow?#Yum!6Kaboomer#Yum!Pasture Golf99EnochDagorPasture GolfSleeping in the Sun130AMickelsonSleeping in the SunLucy Waiting for Dinner130AMickelsonLucy Waiting for DinnerLucy and Pistol Running130AMickelsonLucy and Pistol RunningHank Leading The Adventure Club130thecrazysheepladyHank Leading The Adventure ClubWinter Pasture992WranglersWinter PastureMare and colt240longiaruMare and coltDSC06668802WranglersDSC06668Don't Fence Me In1082WranglersDon't Fence Me InTexas Bluebonnets42TexasTweetyTexas BluebonnetsSUNRISE CREEPING ACROSS THE PASTURES70TrishaLeeSUNRISE CREEPING ACROSS THE PASTURESFarmer's Market~ Joy Hall99BronwynFarmer's Market~ Joy HallDays of splendor ~ Mort Kunstler110BronwynDays of splendor ~ Mort KunstlerAsleep on the Farm80WiccaSmurfAsleep on the Farm