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Landscape, Gene Brown252bardunLandscape, Gene BrownElena Kotliarker210bardunElena Kotliarkerdot painting144mamashadot paintingAbstract painting152mamashaAbstract paintingWaiting for the sun - Gary Walton40occhiverdiWaiting for the sun - Gary WaltonAbstract painting150mamashaAbstract paintingAbstract painting144mamashaAbstract paintingBob-ross-barn-972082108NcGuy54Bob-ross-barn-972082'The Blonde Woman'  art by Leon Francois Comerre25dangergirl'The Blonde Woman' art by Leon Francois ComerreIvory, Lesley Anne White Cat on Blue Floral - Copy100docrabbitsIvory, Lesley Anne White Cat on Blue Floral - CopyCook, Debbie Gray Cat with Pansies100docrabbitsCook, Debbie Gray Cat with Pansiesmother45IldaMaramotherGreat Painting108Charlie1934Great PaintingThe-old-garden-shed-jane-maday63The-old-garden-shed-jane-madayJane maday spring birds60Jane maday spring birdsJane maday sleeping kitten63Jane maday sleeping kittenJane maday potting tools60Jane maday potting toolsTechno Rainbow25tulsa7035Techno RainbowVera Sabino48IldaMaraVera SabinoJane maday goldfinches63Jane maday goldfinchesJane maday blue pottery63Jane maday blue potteryJane maday birds63Jane maday birdsJane maday blue flowers56Jane maday blue flowersAmy rosenberg bluebirds63Amy rosenberg bluebirds