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^ Society Hill area of Philadelphia, PA48300zx^ Society Hill area of Philadelphia, PAEastern State Penitentiary,PA80LeslieHagenEastern State Penitentiary,PA^ Front entrance to historic Philadelphia Catholic Church49300zx^ Front entrance to historic Philadelphia Catholic Church^ Cliveden Manor, Philadelphia, PA48300zx^ Cliveden Manor, Philadelphia, PAHyner View State Park. PA108joanshollfrancisHyner View State Park. PATohickon Creek96joanshollfrancisTohickon CreekJones Home300dawnatjJones HomeSouth of Rileyville, Rte 191108joanshollfrancisSouth of Rileyville, Rte 191DSC_000248Kilbo0219DSC_0002Pipers Piping108joanshollfrancisPipers PipingNorth Braddock, PA99joanshollfrancisNorth Braddock, PASkytop Lodge, Pocono Mountains, PA112joanshollfrancisSkytop Lodge, Pocono Mountains, PAHarrisburg Skyline 1140delfryHarrisburg Skyline 1DSC_017435Kilbo0219DSC_0174DSC_001140Kilbo0219DSC_0011☺ Cute...30Celestialflyer☺ Cute...Punxatawney on GD - EASY35PyxisPunxatawney on GD - EASYwoodpecker & suet sharper IMG_550936mfgold39woodpecker & suet sharper IMG_5509Elk Scenic Drive 2012 010108Elk Scenic Drive 2012 010BeachesHTA_0098536BeachesHTA_00985Ma & Pa Decorah  April 3 1188eiguocMa & Pa Decorah April 3 11Pat6Pat9th & Walnut Street489th & Walnut StreetMultiplicació pans i peixos20Multiplicació pans i peixos