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Carl Brenders 'Hidden in the Pines'99rwmainCarl Brenders 'Hidden in the Pines'owls and more owls300tkirkhamowls and more owlsBirds - Northern Saw-whet owl chicks80Magpie627Birds - Northern Saw-whet owl chicksBirds - Juvenile Barred Owls - Minnesota80Magpie627Birds - Juvenile Barred Owls - Minnesotaowls252Marhagenowlsowls196Marhagenowlsowls198MarhagenowlsLittle Owl12RaggetyLittle OwlPWP_1400x1050_Barn_Owl_71_07254PWP_1400x1050_Barn_Owl_71_072Owls 01160meimeowOwls 01Spotted Wood Owl35CaterpaintsSpotted Wood OwlOwls of flowers28mysteryfanOwls of flowersBirds - Great Horned Owls35Magpie627Birds - Great Horned Owls167_4047907-W[1]24167_4047907-W[1]Owls48Vivien2012OwlsBrother owls289SwansonBrother owlsDog & Owl Friend40DonzoDog & Owl Friend12096449_10153681359082363_1757693024678176945_n99Busluren12096449_10153681359082363_1757693024678176945_nthe magnificent seven - Grass owl18puzzlesr4funthe magnificent seven - Grass owlBirds - Crested Owls - Ecuador88Magpie627Birds - Crested Owls - Ecuadorbarn owl room88otterific10barn owl roomIn flight35puzzlesr4funIn flightno ... I will not ...  no ... no ... no35puzzlesr4funno ... I will not ... no ... no ... noCamouflaged owl35puzzlesr4funCamouflaged owl