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For Want of Spring 7176AmyJoyFor Want of Spring 7George Washington Statue, Boston, MA30cherylmchughGeorge Washington Statue, Boston, MAFor Want of Spring 690AmyJoyFor Want of Spring 6George Washington Statue, Boston, MA42cherylmchughGeorge Washington Statue, Boston, MAWashington D.C.42cherylmchughWashington D.C.For Want of Spring 599AmyJoyFor Want of Spring 5^ Outdoor fairy garden cottage42300zx^ Outdoor fairy garden cottage^ Paddy's- country pub in Flagmount, county Kilkenny, Ireland40300zx^ Paddy's- country pub in Flagmount, county Kilkenny, IrelandIt looks like it has a face108bobbetinaIt looks like it has a faceSafari Picnic300AmyJoySafari PicnicFrozen Orange Leaves40cherylmchughFrozen Orange LeavesTumblr njajwdxwnC1tm0lv8o1 50099Tumblr njajwdxwnC1tm0lv8o1 500Sunrise40cherylmchughSunriseFall Colors35cherylmchughFall ColorsMyrtle48cherylmchughMyrtleProvidence Highways and By-ways48cherylmchughProvidence Highways and By-waysBourne Bridge, MA40cherylmchughBourne Bridge, MAWayfarers' Chapel - altar end  201190bobbetinaWayfarers' Chapel - altar end 2011Cape Cod House (not mine!)48cherylmchughCape Cod House (not mine!)^ Fence flower art42300zx^ Fence flower art^ The Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland48300zx^ The Temple Bar, Dublin, IrelandNew York New York Hotel/Casino108bobbetinaNew York New York Hotel/CasinoTopiary Knights at Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas117bobbetinaTopiary Knights at Excalibur Hotel, Las VegasSand Sculptures48cherylmchughSand Sculptures