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Sydney Opera House160LoubrownSydney Opera HouseThe Margravial Opera House, Germany.70shaperThe Margravial Opera House, Germany.Phantom of the Opera - Carlotta198RandlerPhantom of the Opera - CarlottaOpera House in Varna, Bulgaria96janellecarterOpera House in Varna, BulgariaFoyer of Palais Garnier, Paris35mika7Foyer of Palais Garnier, ParisSydney Opera House32PANTHERCLAWSSydney Opera HouseValencia opera house by gianmarco giudidi120yorkshireroseValencia opera house by gianmarco giudidiSydney Opera House on Rememberance Day.15ozloSydney Opera House on Rememberance Day.Armistice Day end of WW1 Sydney Opera House99margiebearArmistice Day end of WW1 Sydney Opera HousePhantom's Abode120wahiniPhantom's AbodeCommedia dell-Arte Marionets 18th c88ospreyCommedia dell-Arte Marionets 18th cZurich Opera120MusicEilidhZurich OperaChinese opera35mika7Chinese opera77 Opera House at Dusk DSC00556120khamai77 Opera House at Dusk DSC00556Sydney Australia Opera House28bodhi4meSydney Australia Opera HouseSydney Opera House299AmandanoaSydney Opera HouseLviv Opera House180villachampLviv Opera HouseSYDNEY OPERA204jujutavuSYDNEY OPERAsydney opera house24ozlosydney opera houseSydney opera house during vivid season80margiebearSydney opera house during vivid season#Shepherd School of Music - Rice University42Kaboomer#Shepherd School of Music - Rice UniversitySydney Opera House60blackmambaSydney Opera House^ Sydney Opera House, Australia24300zx^ Sydney Opera House, Australiaopera house108yankeeopera house