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Ocotillio blossom and pollinator60swreaderOcotillio blossom and pollinatorLeaning-tower-of-pisa-1150Leaning-tower-of-pisa-1Isle of Capri150Isle of CapriPicnic Rock at Saguaro East, Tucson, AZ55swreaderPicnic Rock at Saguaro East, Tucson, AZField of Flowers24JeanAtHomeField of FlowersGuardians of the Galaxy 3300MelphieGuardians of the Galaxy 3Gelkie Gorge--bits underwater in the wet70swreaderGelkie Gorge--bits underwater in the wet10402428_821092174568853_6676711693261613519_n4810402428_821092174568853_6676711693261613519_nPair of Killdeer at the bus stop77CarolannmoPair of Killdeer at the bus stopGreat Barrier Reef Coral & Fish, Australia60swreaderGreat Barrier Reef Coral & Fish, AustraliaFlowers & Things 9-16-12 009130Bn48FrtFlowers & Things 9-16-12 009Sunset at Lido Beach150GlittergirlSunset at Lido BeachWoodland Park120AngelinaOliviaWoodland ParkBeauty of Winter48Beauty of WinterRuins of the Knosssos Palace on Crete72swreaderRuins of the Knosssos Palace on CreteMasters-of-the-universe-art112woeisozMasters-of-the-universe-artStridor110woeisozStridorTwo badd108woeisozTwo badd☺♥ Funny sleeping king of the jungle...15Celestialflyer☺♥ Funny sleeping king of the jungle...P1030476r1A160billdicP1030476r1AThe Blue Grotto on Kastelorizo, Greece63swreaderThe Blue Grotto on Kastelorizo, GreeceRussian Waterfall quilt81MamacatAniRussian Waterfall quiltCirque of The Towers Sunset Storm42WyoAZgalCirque of The Towers Sunset StormCirque of The Towers Pond Reflection48WyoAZgalCirque of The Towers Pond Reflection