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Swimming Pig in the Bahamas70marymeowSwimming Pig in the BahamasWood Stacking Art #5140oholmesWood Stacking Art #5Wood Stacking Art #4140oholmesWood Stacking Art #4Wood Stacking Art #3140oholmesWood Stacking Art #3Wood Stacking Art #2140oholmesWood Stacking Art #2HOW ODD IS THIS?150HOW ODD IS THIS?512976693_9375f8ed28_b60512976693_9375f8ed28_bSculpture Art - Fiberglass and Automotive Pain88marymeowSculpture Art - Fiberglass and Automotive PainAbandoned derelict milk bottle building RI108grannycjAbandoned derelict milk bottle building RIOdd Eyed Black Cat35BlindTigerOdd Eyed Black CatBeautifully Odd Home98marymeowBeautifully Odd HomeDarth Vader Orchid (so cool)50NervebreakerDarth Vader Orchid (so cool)Passion Flower50NervebreakerPassion FlowerSkull dragon's (really weird)56NervebreakerSkull dragon's (really weird)Beware the Rorschach!99marymeowBeware the Rorschach!Optical Eyelusion91marymeowOptical Eyelusion14947552_358331527833204_7761251458195823156_n90moonpie200514947552_358331527833204_7761251458195823156_nBlue Wildebeest, Ngorongoro117grannycjBlue Wildebeest, NgorongoroBat-Eared Fox Pups. weird but beautiful.110grannycjBat-Eared Fox Pups. weird but beautiful.Unique Web Background98marymeowUnique Web BackgroundOdd juxtaposition15bodhi4meOdd juxtapositionBellagio Fall Display - Las Vegas6marymeowBellagio Fall Display - Las VegasOdd Marked Cat40pizzapopOdd Marked CatShrek-the-sheep117grannycjShrek-the-sheep