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A COLD WINTERS NIGHT AND ALL IS WELL...54TrishaLeeA COLD WINTERS NIGHT AND ALL IS WELL...The stars are always there by Ben Canales108catmom040The stars are always there by Ben CanalesFireworks over New York300Taty73Fireworks over New YorkLong Exposure Star Trails88czarina1862Long Exposure Star Trails11892176_779125302242727_6064382310066424668_n4211892176_779125302242727_6064382310066424668_nStorm (6)140sunyrlzStorm (6)Storm (4)170sunyrlzStorm (4)Storm (3)144sunyrlzStorm (3)Storm (2)136sunyrlzStorm (2)Storm140sunyrlzStormZacharuk Palace of Culture and Science160sunyrlzZacharuk Palace of Culture and ScienceZacharuk Warsaw Love170sunyrlzZacharuk Warsaw LoveBruges117keepclickingpanoramioBrugesMountains under a crescent moon228amywattsMountains under a crescent moonEssex Holiday Home192amywattsEssex Holiday HomeWONDERFUL NIGHT AT THE LAKE77TrishaLeeWONDERFUL NIGHT AT THE LAKECABIN ON THE LAKE...SERENE80TrishaLeeCABIN ON THE LAKE...SERENEuniverse270mariamar72universeSnowman with his Penguin Pals238jokersharleySnowman with his Penguin PalsArches National Park40EmbeeArches National ParkCastles Ruins300Taty73Castles RuinsGhent at night300sanjivaGhent at nightManarola, Italy30Manarola, ItalyTraffic at night77epasatiemposTraffic at night