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2015 Rose Parade "Cradle of Civilization" float
New London Ledge Light
Happy New Years
*New Orleans
*New Orleans
World Trade Center Water Color
Confetti in Times Square, NY 2015
Silent night--maybe
Rose parade 2013 wells fargo ramona monteros
#Beautiful Colorful Roses
Valencia, Spain 0667eaa2-9543-4722-85a8-082a7fc5136c 115656791
Taganga, Colombia 3bf461a0-5f88-11e4-a8a6-c5fc381f60a0 Taganga
Mexico City, DF 2014-11-21T234015Z 1547938821 GM1EABM0L5501 RTRM
KualaLumpur, Malaysia 75753120-879c-11e4-beeb-85fa00f8ce82 18529
Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador adbc46d0-879d-11e4-9255-13ea9513e49d 4
Chiang Mai, Thailand 4abd5660-85fd-11e4-88af-7b392ca6e057 183702
Bridge of the Americas, Panama acb92eb0-879d-11e4-afb5-effeb2da3
ArenalNationalPark, Costa Rica ad183410-879c-11e4-beeb-85fa00f8c
Algarve, Portugal 4e9767a0-f0e1-11e3-8836-71b827549b72 181620426
Happy holidays!
Happy New year & Christmas!