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countryside24qwertzcountrysidepharos300mel12pharosSous bois180catalanSous boisPhoto1180catalanPhoto1Photo0180catalanPhoto0Double-double pink rose ... and snail60leoleobobeoDouble-double pink rose ... and snailHorse in a mountain meadow60leoleobobeoHorse in a mountain meadowBlue bachelor's button60leoleobobeoBlue bachelor's buttonBBaxIyM252mel12BBaxIyMThehomeissue themostbeautifulvillages013252mel12Thehomeissue themostbeautifulvillages013Thehomeissue themostbeautifulvillages006300mel12Thehomeissue themostbeautifulvillages006Reach for the Sky204leggie89Reach for the SkyCycle trail20carmenrCycle trailDandylion289talismanfarmDandylionDe mi jardin 10712KurtaDe mi jardin 107De mi jardin 10624KurtaDe mi jardin 106summer is coming....221sosanna8summer is coming....reflections80sosanna8reflectionsand these are just for me....54sosanna8and these are just for me....Sunset from one of the "balconies" in Grampians National Park35swreaderSunset from one of the "balconies" in Grampians National ParkSan Marino35mika7San MarinoYoung Nuthatch Learning How to Look for Food - © 2016 gmadeb399TigerladyYoung Nuthatch Learning How to Look for Food - © 2016 gmadeb3Hedgehog15mika7HedgehogButterflies6mika7Butterflies