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Fisher River Sunburst962WranglersFisher River SunburstWinter feed962WranglersWinter feedFeeding Chores are Done962WranglersFeeding Chores are DoneWinter Gallop962WranglersWinter GallopNational Park-Montana48gelsominaNational Park-MontanaTriple falls - National park - Montana54gelsominaTriple falls - National park - MontanaMontana high country221zatjiMontana high countryFrosty Morning1082WranglersFrosty MorningLenticular Clouds During Sunset Montana USA96gamtnwxLenticular Clouds During Sunset Montana USAAutumn Trail882WranglersAutumn TrailIn the Shade962WranglersIn the ShadeStill No Grass962WranglersStill No GrassLookin' Back962WranglersLookin' BackAfter The Rain962WranglersAfter The RainHowdy Eagle702WranglersHowdy EagleCattle in Summer Pasture772WranglersCattle in Summer PastureFly Fishing in Montana24auntpatty34Fly Fishing in MontanaThe Meeting702WranglersThe MeetingSummer wear962WranglersSummer wearAt the Hitchin' Post882WranglersAt the Hitchin' PostMHS Tobys Montanasky70katiekMHS Tobys MontanaskyThe Cow Pasture882WranglersThe Cow PastureRidin'882WranglersRidin'Who Are You962WranglersWho Are You