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^ Colonial Williamsburg Magazine & Guardhouse, VA40300zx^ Colonial Williamsburg Magazine & Guardhouse, VA^ Edna Eicke ~ The New Yorker - October 12, 1946 issue24300zx^ Edna Eicke ~ The New Yorker - October 12, 1946 issueVanity Fair The Birds20BStartzVanity Fair The BirdsVanity Fair Vertigo20BStartzVanity Fair VertigoVanity Fair 201221BStartzVanity Fair 2012Rolling Stone Mad Men24BStartzRolling Stone Mad MenVogue June 195024BStartzVogue June 1950*Vintage magazine80pinkylee*Vintage magazine*Myrna Loy80pinkylee*Myrna LoyVogue Cover ca. 1930s300destinylostVogue Cover ca. 1930sRachel McAdams252Rachel McAdamsMarilyn Monroe Photoplay Cover300destinylostMarilyn Monroe Photoplay Cover1920's Magazine Cover300destinylost1920's Magazine CoverYosemite National Park300BigBlendYosemite National ParkVirgin Of Guadalupe300theblendVirgin Of GuadalupeFestival of Arts300theblendFestival of ArtsSeascape by Olivia Wilder300theblendSeascape by Olivia WilderMagazine-LadiesWorld90goldieleeMagazine-LadiesWorldHelen Dryden - Vogue cover (1919)80lalaloolooHelen Dryden - Vogue cover (1919)Roses - Bravo Lake Botanical Garden299theblendRoses - Bravo Lake Botanical GardenMcCall Farm by Nadi Spencer300theblendMcCall Farm by Nadi SpencerRailtown_1897_wayback300theblendRailtown_1897_waybackChinese New Year300theblendChinese New YearDebbyRyanPuzzle180DebbyRyanPuzzle