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Autumn Couple Portrait15dankenstyneAutumn Couple PortraitQuiet Observer~ Norman Rockwell HD72BronwynQuiet Observer~ Norman Rockwell HDThe wedding of Duke of Hesse & Princess Alice~ George Housman Th90BronwynThe wedding of Duke of Hesse & Princess Alice~ George Housman ThKitty Affection63GoldGalKitty AffectionEd Tadiello, winter love...48715ajan3Ed Tadiello, winter love...Zebra love60leoleobobeoZebra loveSan francisco56occhiverdiSan franciscoEmpire-State-Building for Italy60occhiverdiEmpire-State-Building for ItalyJlh370RJONES115Jlh3Christmas Love144clynndunnChristmas LovePeople Different people On a bench 02692712ambermsolenoPeople Different people On a bench 026927Road in Autumn~ Darchuk Olga99BronwynRoad in Autumn~ Darchuk Olgaautumn love romantic couple63dankenstyneautumn love romantic couplecouple enjoying autumn season60dankenstynecouple enjoying autumn seasonFall stroll35KarindFall strollMmmm, I Love deck parties...99FreddijMmmm, I Love deck parties...12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_n77Ciupercuta12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_nLove Birds 💘150SisserLove Birds 💘Adoptable "Jiraffe"98MustangsToTheRescueAdoptable "Jiraffe"Wine and Warmth20marymeowWine and WarmthHappily ever after198EuphoricSpiceHappily ever afterLove Birds170EuphoricSpiceLove BirdsTakeoff228TakeoffAutumn and all its beauty (40)120PattyOliveiraAutumn and all its beauty (40)