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Purple lotus flower100PatNoPurple lotus flowerLotus Flower Closeup300nclangel1Lotus Flower CloseupPretty purple15patijewlPretty purpleWhite lotus35puzzlesr4funWhite lotusYellow lotus35puzzlesr4funYellow lotusLOTUS_Big_versicolor_(Dasajin)35puzzlesr4funLOTUS_Big_versicolor_(Dasajin)Lotus35puzzlesr4funLotusHanoi Lotus Flower32puzzlesr4funHanoi Lotus FlowerPink lotus flower60leoleobobeoPink lotus flowerA beautiful lotus flower228TrishaLeeA beautiful lotus flowerBeauty - lotus flower35puzzlesr4funBeauty - lotus flowerBeautiful pink lotus8patijewlBeautiful pink lotusLotus, Giardini di Villa Taranto130Lotus, Giardini di Villa TarantoBeauty that grows in the mud12patijewlBeauty that grows in the mudLotus blossoms88shaperLotus blossomsPurple pond reflection with lotus60leoleobobeoPurple pond reflection with lotusPink lotus from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99108auricle99Pink lotus from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99Lotus Elan S199Steve360Lotus Elan S1Lotus flowers6DrWhoLotus flowersLotus, coral pink35artytypeLotus, coral pinkLotus Ford Cortina MK199Steve360Lotus Ford Cortina MK1Formula-1 Monaco GP 1985252TyrantLord76Formula-1 Monaco GP 1985Lotus flowers88catmom040Lotus flowersSenna with his Lotus mechanics at 1986252TyrantLord76Senna with his Lotus mechanics at 1986