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Yes sir, the mouse said that afraid of her!35Nick512Yes sir, the mouse said that afraid of her!Best Friends35sb1981Best FriendsFB IMG 145114981094436roscyn29FB IMG 1451149810944Lion and lioness273ColormakerLion and lionessIMG__201512353__02380090CasinobarbieIMG__201512353__023800The-Lion-King-Wallpaper35ashleysolenoThe-Lion-King-WallpaperBe Prepared77SapphypawsBe PreparedLion King300JThornhillLion KingLyon, Sculpture à la Tête d'Or, France60catlocLyon, Sculpture à la Tête d'Or, FranceLion120BroeselLionLion156CasinobarbieLionBig lenny12Big lennyHey ... that tickles!42leoleobobeoHey ... that tickles!Lazy days120CasinobarbieLazy daysLioness and cub110TinaH65Lioness and cubLion 4300MelphieLion 4Leao40RaquelBazaliLeao#Rosecliff Mansion Newport Rhode Island20Kaboomer#Rosecliff Mansion Newport Rhode IslandNala fanart 01300jhilton0907Nala fanart 01Sea lion with red ball35catlocSea lion with red ballPlease don't eat us!300jhilton0907Please don't eat us!lion roaring300Oceannalion roaringWith me!300jhilton0907With me!I can't wait to become King300jhilton0907I can't wait to become King