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Agapanthus, blue, African Lily35artytypeAgapanthus, blue, African LilyImpala Lily, pink and white, Adenium multiflorum35artytypeImpala Lily, pink and white, Adenium multiflorumYellow Lily35artytypeYellow Lily^ Pink water lily30300zx^ Pink water lilyCalla Lily Bouquet30FrogyCalla Lily BouquetCalla Lily Bouquet42FrogyCalla Lily BouquetCalla Lily28FrogyCalla LilyCalla Lily20FrogyCalla LilySur, California Calla Lily220FrogySur, California Calla LilySouth Africa, Calla Lily24FrogySouth Africa, Calla LilyWestern Cape, South Africa White Calla Lily150FrogyWestern Cape, South Africa White Calla LilyWhite Lily35artytypeWhite LilyMonarch Butterfly Perched on Stargazer Lily300Monarch Butterfly Perched on Stargazer LilyLily flower72Lily flowerFlame lily16patijewlFlame lilyTiger Lily, orange spotted35artytypeTiger Lily, orange spottedDouble Lily, pale orange36artytypeDouble Lily, pale orangeWaterlily, yellow35artytypeWaterlily, yellowLily of the valley24mika7Lily of the valley0023_d_28229280023_d_282290022_284429280022_2844290002~475300002~4750018_283129280018_2831290001_281429~22280001_281429~22