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Love at its darkest by mandiemanzano-d4au8ad300cchoaterunLove at its darkest by mandiemanzano-d4au8adHome180HomeThe Pirates of the Caribbean300mgJaguarThe Pirates of the CaribbeanI found a bone!6jillnjoI found a bone!Black-tailed jack rabbit96Magpie627Black-tailed jack rabbitFriends playing96scameron262Friends playingMr. Jack6jillnjoMr. JackSomeone's coming!6jillnjoSomeone's coming!Parson russell terriers.12jillnjoParson russell terriers.Nightmare before christmas260Nightmare before christmasJack and the beanstalk scene 1 by noahwilliams160CIAnneJack and the beanstalk scene 1 by noahwilliamsJack in the Pulpit90MartaKJack in the Pulpit^ Colorful notebook20300zx^ Colorful notebookJack Russell48Jack RussellChat35dhcpChatUnion Jack54AjaxxUnion JackGetting acquainted48Vivien2012Getting acquaintedJack's playing.12jillnjoJack's playing.Jack the Cat300WhiterabbitEJack the CatBite for me!6jillnjoBite for me!TwoJackLake99TwoJackLakeLooking out.6jillnjoLooking out.Jack and Jill at Whitby120delareverJack and Jill at Whitby205_Black_Jack_Randall_680x1024108205_Black_Jack_Randall_680x1024