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Sparkling Water130Sparkling WaterVarious 334300PixiVarious 334HarbinIceFestival260Lazybones2000HarbinIceFestivalIceland70sosanna8IcelandHot water turns to ice crystals -25 F Antarc.60feralblueHot water turns to ice crystals -25 F Antarc.Believe It Or Not Ice Cream88AmyJoyBelieve It Or Not Ice CreamArctic ice melting108Arctic ice meltingPolar bears112Polar bearsFrozen Bubbles180Mrflyfishing2Frozen BubblesArtic-sunset108Artic-sunsetIce35extremophile6740IceJay Cook State Park - Minnesota35DarlaJay Cook State Park - Minnesotaw Wiśle300MuchaMorgowskaw Wiślepenguin family32sosanna8penguin familyIce Crystals on the window..SQ80TrishadishIce Crystals on the window..SQcolorful ice cream36caprariucarmencolorful ice creamstrumyk pod lodem300MuchaMorgowskastrumyk pod lodemszadź na wodzie300MuchaMorgowskaszadź na wodzielód300MuchaMorgowskalódBlack Ice54feralblueBlack IceHazy pink1 winter130SFDanHazy pink1 winterIce cream72sfranguIce creamicy branches60sosanna8icy branches^ Pleneau Bay, Antarctica50300zx^ Pleneau Bay, Antarctica