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Glice42seekscardinalGliceIce Cave Illuminated By Torch96oholmesIce Cave Illuminated By TorchIceland35Cookie303IcelandIce Cream Scoops300SevaeIce Cream ScoopsHockey~ DRLaird88BronwynHockey~ DRLairdIcy winds blows through a frozen fence77PoohpupIcy winds blows through a frozen fenceIce on summit sign of Mount Adams, New Hampshire77PoohpupIce on summit sign of Mount Adams, New HampshireEen voor een naar beneden70Peternel9Een voor een naar benedenContainer ship35gelsominaContainer shipChocolate Ice Cream300SevaeChocolate Ice CreamIce and Flower20Cookie303Ice and Flowerit's for me!-colorful ice cream9ardenait's for me!-colorful ice creamBanana-split60occhiverdiBanana-splitMorning Fog90RedDirtinMySoulMorning FogIce Crystal198jtl467Ice CrystalSnowy Weeping Willow35CovertSnowy Weeping Willowfrost15qwertzfrostfrozen leaf18qwertzfrozen leafRDJ III - Ice and Waves North Point State Park130john2053RDJ III - Ice and Waves North Point State ParkMidway ice castles96QueenMapelaMidway ice castlesMidway-princess99QueenMapelaMidway-princesssnow ball12ardenasnow ballFrozen Web56Chris58Frozen WebCharles Wysocki 'Red Mill Pond'154rwmainCharles Wysocki 'Red Mill Pond'