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Clue for the entry of the carnival300Clue for the entry of the carnivalUnknown Death Valley -- The Panamint Valley Dunes70swreaderUnknown Death Valley -- The Panamint Valley DunesNo DAPL35TigerjagNo DAPLTotoro and mei excursion by syntetyc-d5h6r5z98Totoro and mei excursion by syntetyc-d5h6r5zIS power!160followblender4IS power!Barn dance is starting!168clynndunnBarn dance is starting!Who is dumb70shaperWho is dumbCoyote talking to the Moon72swreaderCoyote talking to the MoonSunset casts a rosy light on unusual panorama of Delicate Arch70swreaderSunset casts a rosy light on unusual panorama of Delicate ArchSunset in Southern Arizona80swreaderSunset in Southern ArizonaKoala108KoalaYosemite18YosemiteFrog32FrogWild wonderful Patagonia70swreaderWild wonderful PatagoniaThe XmasTree Ship Is In180clynndunnThe XmasTree Ship Is InFinster at 8 weeks (by Kimsies)50GingerRFinster at 8 weeks (by Kimsies)Incredible Edinburgh Castle, Scotland98swreaderIncredible Edinburgh Castle, ScotlandAhhh......Nature is Love24Ahhh......Nature is LoveThe Mighty Thor50The Mighty ThorManatee and juvenile swimming underwater60swreaderManatee and juvenile swimming underwaterSantorini.cats in the sun35swreaderSantorini.cats in the sunLandscape of Antarctica80swreaderLandscape of AntarcticaAdelie Penguins on iceberg48swreaderAdelie Penguins on icebergHome is Where the Heart Is150clynndunnHome is Where the Heart Is