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Church of Mary Magdalene209StarrgaizzerChurch of Mary MagdaleneSan Francisco El Grande 240316 (19)168colo23San Francisco El Grande 240316 (19)Domingo Ramos La Merced 200316 (55)128colo23Domingo Ramos La Merced 200316 (55)Holy Cross Mountain, Colorado99meleeHoly Cross Mountain, ColoradoGolden Temple260MoeshkaGolden TempleNamtso Lake, Tibet96opulepuleNamtso Lake, TibetDQQC128DQQCNativity Scene300monkeypantsNativity SceneNativity300MinlilesNativityHoly Mother of Color by Pete Sercer108kidstrekHoly Mother of Color by Pete SercerHoly Roman Empire Crown100gamtnwxHoly Roman Empire CrownNational Cathedral, Washington, D.C.35EmbeeNational Cathedral, Washington, D.C.League of Angels108BobbiePLeague of AngelsHoly Qadisha Valley300sanjivaHoly Qadisha ValleySt Winefride's Well40WhitebeardSt Winefride's WellDestrucktion of Time24BobbiePDestrucktion of TimeLight and truth88BobbiePLight and truthChalice Well - ancient holy well in Britain54TerriCChalice Well - ancient holy well in BritainGOLD EMBROIDERY, LORCA, SPAIN20zipnonGOLD EMBROIDERY, LORCA, SPAINHoly-fire48Holy-fireHoly Saturday - Święconka20mika7Holy Saturday - ŚwięconkaPalm Sunday in Poland20mika7Palm Sunday in Poland#Holy Night30Kaboomer#Holy NightHoly Birds24yassamanHoly Birds