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Summer by the sea20hlinikSummer by the seabicigle as advertising9hlinikbicigle as advertisinggrandfather with the granddaughter in the workshop20hlinikgrandfather with the granddaughter in the workshopThey are on recess6hlinikThey are on recessa place to sit12hlinika place to sitwhat is there?12hlinikwhat is there?chalet192armyofmechaletIndependence Day Parade For Children45westtexasgalIndependence Day Parade For Children#Fun Flag Cookies140Kaboomer#Fun Flag Cookies#Spectacular Fireworks70Kaboomer#Spectacular Fireworks#Military Reflections- Thank You!35Kaboomer#Military Reflections- Thank You!1960 Holiday House70rfedermann1960 Holiday HouseFourth-Of-July-Cookies-140alpehFourth-Of-July-Cookies-1Holidays300MelphieHolidaysPainting-kitties and 4th of July140oldporscheracerPainting-kitties and 4th of JulyHappy Woof of July12janea35Happy Woof of JulyMinerva's 4th of July12LoisMeChillyMinerva's 4th of JulyWe-the-people98sandrac103We-the-people1520148-6048x4032- D3X9752117oldporscheracer1520148-6048x4032- D3X9752July 4th Dog88oldporscheracerJuly 4th Dog#July 4th Cake299Kaboomer#July 4th Cake#Flag of the United States of America35Kaboomer#Flag of the United States of America#Patriotic Cupcake4Kaboomer#Patriotic CupcakeRojo y soleado cottage54BebiRojo y soleado cottage