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Hotel Jungfrau (Lauterbrunnen Switzerland)99CrescentMoonglowHotel Jungfrau (Lauterbrunnen Switzerland)Steam Train Ride down the mountain in CO35jillnjoSteam Train Ride down the mountain in COapple and snail6hlinikapple and snailPhoto12hlinikPhotoBeautiful water drops12hlinikBeautiful water dropsPoolside Paradise100CrescentMoonglowPoolside ParadisePhoto6hlinikPhotoBeautiful Beach View96CrescentMoonglowBeautiful Beach ViewCookies For Santa Claus60TattooedTigerCookies For Santa ClausBeautiful place...56KarindBeautiful place...Ryokan Japan Inn72calibanxiRyokan Japan Innin restaurant6hlinikin restaurantis successful female tennis player15hlinikis successful female tennis playerbasketful teddy bears6hlinikbasketful teddy bearsfriends6hlinikfriendsteddy bear museum15hlinikteddy bear museumBear in the dump15hlinikBear in the dumpbearish family at breakfast15hlinikbearish family at breakfastcute-teddy bear-pair-reading-pink12hlinikcute-teddy bear-pair-reading-pinkwe must leave12hlinikwe must leaveSaying goodbye is difficult15hlinikSaying goodbye is difficultworker muzeums12hlinikworker muzeumsAutumn Pewter Table Centerpiece TFP120Autumn Pewter Table Centerpiece TFPMoyyan House by the Sea, Luganville, Vanuatu132montereysuzyMoyyan House by the Sea, Luganville, Vanuatu