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The Hobbiton - New Zealand12pcpinThe Hobbiton - New ZealandHobbithouse90TexasrollHobbithouseBeorn Lord of the Wild300EldamarBeorn Lord of the WildAscent of Caradhras210EldamarAscent of CaradhrasSam & Rosie Cotton180EldamarSam & Rosie CottonHobbit huisje35Peternel9Hobbit huisjeGandalf Hobbit House, MAYBE99HeyJudeGandalf Hobbit House, MAYBEMatamata Visitor Center77AmyJoyMatamata Visitor CenterHobbit house150SpookymommaHobbit houseKili Imprisoned300Sarcasma19Kili ImprisonedDSC_0297140DSC_0297Up to the Hobbit House108VindivinUp to the Hobbit HouseSun Up Hobbit House108VindivinSun Up Hobbit HouseRockin Hobbit House112VindivinRockin Hobbit HouseHobbit house108VindivinHobbit houseHobbit House and Garden108VindivinHobbit House and GardenHobbit House 1108VindivinHobbit House 1A Hole in the Ground300A Hole in the GroundHobbit home136Hobbit homeThe-Hobbit-Village-HD-Images108The-Hobbit-Village-HD-ImagesThe Hobbit300MelphieThe HobbitHobbit village48occhiverdiHobbit villageHobbit Shires, Lake District England70LuluMarieHobbit Shires, Lake District EnglandMirkwood300MyotismonMirkwood