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The Lost World Iguanodon18The Lost World IguanodonPower Rangers Dino Super Charge Grapite Ranger15Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Grapite RangerPower Rangers Dino Super Charge Aqua Ranger15Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Aqua RangerAlena,Hannah,Tori,Bethany,Mikayla And Anais16Alena,Hannah,Tori,Bethany,Mikayla And AnaisAlena And Anais16Alena And AnaisBethany And Mikayla 216Bethany And Mikayla 2Carnotaurus In Land 220Carnotaurus In Land 2Neera And Aladar 312Neera And Aladar 3Miranda,Olivia,Alena,Bethany,Madeleine,Sam And Emma16Miranda,Olivia,Alena,Bethany,Madeleine,Sam And EmmaMiranda,Madeleine,Sam,Emma,Alena,Mikayla,Hannah And Olivia16Miranda,Madeleine,Sam,Emma,Alena,Mikayla,Hannah And OliviaWoody And Buzz Lightyear 320Woody And Buzz Lightyear 3Littlefoot,Petrie,Ducky,Cera And Spike 1520Littlefoot,Petrie,Ducky,Cera And Spike 15Aladar,Eema And Baylene 332Aladar,Eema And Baylene 3Rex And Trixie20Rex And TrixieWoody And Buzz Lightyear16Woody And Buzz LightyearDanielle In Beach 716Danielle In Beach 7Violet In Sun 916Violet In Sun 9Anais In Water 520Anais In Water 5Bethany Has Camera24Bethany Has CameraHannah In Wood16Hannah In WoodOlivia In Beach16Olivia In Beach45b3f110126a23ae4a9bf0cecc13701b72TrishaLee45b3f110126a23ae4a9bf0cecc13701bWestbridge High School160RandlerWestbridge High SchoolDinosaur World Allosaurus20Dinosaur World Allosaurus