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Barn in the country.15jillnjoBarn in the country.Sheep & goat12ardenaSheep & goatBeauty of light: Field72KatinkaGardenerBeauty of light: FieldHay harvest230JditriHay harvestMaking Hay120AmyJoyMaking HayFarm204JigsawerFarmGirl in the Hay~ AlBuell72BronwynGirl in the Hay~ AlBuellHooibalen Haystacks farm food180OpaBartHooibalen Haystacks farm foodWorkers Playtime300OceannaWorkers Playtime892c634a162b9eedd976ac36af8e8c4b120TrishaLee892c634a162b9eedd976ac36af8e8c4bBoy Feeding a Giraffe45AnnikeBoy Feeding a GiraffeJohn Sloane-painting-lunch break20gelsominaJohn Sloane-painting-lunch breakHay making126madcapmartinHay makingWet hay barn35halfwayjanWet hay barnNo matter the weather, farm work goes on91alseaNo matter the weather, farm work goes onThe ol' barn and hay wagon at sunset....54FreddijThe ol' barn and hay wagon at sunset....Sunset over hay bales88pinkfluffyslippersSunset over hay balesRural Farmland18Cookie303Rural FarmlandCook, Debbie I Want to Sleep100docrabbitsCook, Debbie I Want to SleepHay stooking photo by Robert Taylor CC BY 2.048FadeHay stooking photo by Robert Taylor CC BY 2.0Taylor Hay247magpie65Taylor HayEarly Deliveries~ Keith Stapleton99BronwynEarly Deliveries~ Keith StapletonThe Manger Is Ready and Waiting80AmyJoyThe Manger Is Ready and WaitingWonderland of Snow~ BobPettes99BronwynWonderland of Snow~ BobPettes