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Harvest99lcrclHarvestHarvest654Harvest6Harvest cat by Charles Wysocki110docrabbitsHarvest cat by Charles Wysocki^ Walt Curlee ~ Autumn Apple Harvest30300zx^ Walt Curlee ~ Autumn Apple HarvestGrain Harvest~99BronwynGrain Harvest~Field Hamois Belgium Luc Viatour20puzzlesr4funField Hamois Belgium Luc ViatourHoney after the harvest192JditriHoney after the harvestBlackbirds in the orchard180JditriBlackbirds in the orchardItalian vineyard168JditriItalian vineyardYellow grapes176JditriYellow grapesGrapes for juice150JditriGrapes for juiceGrapes ready for harvest180JditriGrapes ready for harvestEnd of Autumn workday170JditriEnd of Autumn workdayCool harvest drinks160JditriCool harvest drinksGrape harvest180JditriGrape harvestAutumn harvest150JditriAutumn harvestAmber Waves of Grain~99BronwynAmber Waves of Grain~Cooling Off~ JohnSloane99BronwynCooling Off~ JohnSloaneApricots35puzzlesr4funApricotsWheat field, Haddon Fields, Derbyshire108HerringboneWheat field, Haddon Fields, DerbyshireHarvest28Cookie303HarvestSam Timm 'Autumn Harvest'150rwmainSam Timm 'Autumn Harvest'Colorfull harvest32puzzlesr4funColorfull harvestHarvest of beans, spices, peppers and nuts by auricle99 from mag108auricle99Harvest of beans, spices, peppers and nuts by auricle99 from mag