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Birds - Canada Goose35Magpie627Birds - Canada GooseEaster Goose40babysisEaster GooseSpruce Goose300dms489Spruce GooseDuck-duck-goose?240RookwingsDuck-duck-goose?Uribe pencil fragments160zatjiUribe pencil fragmentsGeese on the beach120djeanGeese on the beachCanada goose on boat launch42leoleobobeoCanada goose on boat launchPink-footed goose photo by Alan Schmierer30FadePink-footed goose photo by Alan SchmiererDouble geese on pond160LouisRuthPhotography2017Double geese on pondGoose42Vivien2012GooseGoose130epasatiemposGooseA grouping of goslings63leoleobobeoA grouping of goslings"Serenity"150LyleK"Serenity"Canada goose with gosling under the wing60leoleobobeoCanada goose with gosling under the wingFollowing her to the barn88alseaFollowing her to the barnBarnacle Goose with Goslings - Norway88Magpie627Barnacle Goose with Goslings - NorwayGoose96epasatiemposGoose^ Debi Hubbs ~ Dog Chasing Fowls35300zx^ Debi Hubbs ~ Dog Chasing FowlsGirl and Goose Hohr Grenhausen Germany24AmyJoyGirl and Goose Hohr Grenhausen GermanyCanada Goose20Cookie303Canada GoosePiggy back ride88alseaPiggy back rideBar-headed Goose12mika7Bar-headed GoosePharmacy Cat300wasakahPharmacy CatGoose300jkubGoose