19 puzzles tagged gauge

Berlin Park Railway Germany99PoscarBerlin Park Railway GermanyDuranhgo& Silverton USA150PoscarDuranhgo& Silverton USAEfteling railroad track in the woods300PoscarEfteling railroad track in the woodsRBB 2-10-2T no. 99 782 Germany198PoscarRBB 2-10-2T no. 99 782 GermanyRussian narrow gauge steam locomotive 24-07150PoscarRussian narrow gauge steam locomotive 24-07Durango & Silverton #486198DAN222Durango & Silverton #486CTS2engcolorjukestree950150frospelCTS2engcolorjukestree950DRG Class 99.73–76 750mm gauge 2-10-2T63WhitebeardDRG Class 99.73–76 750mm gauge 2-10-2TMinge Lane, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire96WhitebeardMinge Lane, Upton-upon-Severn, WorcestershireChina Steam Train35lacey5China Steam TrainEfteling Steam Railway Netherlands150PoscarEfteling Steam Railway NetherlandsHamamoto Industrial Railway Amagasaki Japan150PoscarHamamoto Industrial Railway Amagasaki JapanIsle of Man NG Railway Works Loco99PoscarIsle of Man NG Railway Works LocoRussian narrow gauge snowplow150PoscarRussian narrow gauge snowplowValkenburgse Meer Railway Netherlands150PoscarValkenburgse Meer Railway NetherlandsYay! Rain!!!21janea35Yay! Rain!!!Cookham Manor 5" Gauge190shertrevCookham Manor 5" Gauge^ ho gauge model train layout42300zx^ ho gauge model train layoutLuke picture30Luke picture